HARRISBURG – The PA Senate approved legislation to change the name of the Department of Environmental Protection or DEP. Senate Bill 691 will change the name of the DEP to the Department of Environmental Services and have no effect on the jurisdiction or current statutory or regulatory authority of the department. Bill sponsor, Bradford County Sen. Gene Yaw called the DEP a “regulatory bully” and has compromised the open and working relationship the department once had with the people it serves. He says shifting the focus to services will be a step forward in implementing a much-needed culture change at the department. The DEP’s mission is to work as partners with individuals, organizations, government, and businesses to prevent pollution and restore our natural resources. As an administrative agency created by the General Assembly, DEP is charged with administering the laws of the Commonwealth. The General Assembly, through legislative enactments, is responsible for ensuring the protection of the state’s environment and natural resources. The bill now moves to the state House.