HARRISBURG – In the wake of the recent $600 million settlement reached by Norfolk Southern in its class-action lawsuit related to its train derailment near the PA-Ohio border last year, PA Sens. Doug Mastriano, Elder Vogel, and Michele Brooks are introducing legislation providing a state tax deduction for Pennsylvanians who receive payments. Ohio has already established a deduction for their residents who received payments and the lawmakers here believe it’s fair to do the same for Pennsylvanians. Businesses have been shuttered, property values have plummeted, and personal medical expenses continue to accrue. The tax deduction will help put more money back into the pockets of the victims. Senate Bill 1149 will provide a state income tax deduction for disaster relief payments provided to PA residents by a government agency, Norfolk Southern, or an insurer as the result of the Feb. 3, 2023 train wreck. The deduction would also be retroactive to any payments received by victims in 2023. The train wreck was followed two days later by the planned ignition and burning of five railroad cars carrying dangerous chemicals. The toxic plume resulted in residents reporting various medical problems. The measure is before the PA Senate Finance Committee for consideration.