HARRISBURG – The PA Public Utility Commission adopted a motion to enhance a proposed settlement concerning widespread consumer billing issues that impacted PPL Electric customers through much of 2023. The Commission voted 3-2 to approve a joint motion which modifies the proposed joint settlement between the PUC’s Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement and PPL. The modifications come following an analysis of over 160 comments filed by consumers, advocates, and other concerned parties, offering perspective about the impact of PPL’s billing issues and providing input about the proposed settlement – including the requirement that PPL make a $1 million contribution to the company’s customer hardship fund, in lieu of the civil penalty included in the original settlement proposal. The settlement also includes a series of corrective actions in response to PPL’s billing issues, and PPL’s agreement to absorb over $16 million in additional costs related to rectifying their billing issues. The settlement also makes it clear that none of the PPL costs related to rectifying the billing issues will be recovered from any ratepayers.