HARRISBURG – The PA House is expected to vote on House Bill 300, a bill which would cause harm to many in PA. The measure would give a cause of action to sue religious ministries, schools, and churches who hire based on church teachings and their shared mission. What’s worse, the makers of the bill removed nearly all of the already limited religious liberty protections in the original bill. House Bill 300 would also allow men in women’s spaces, including summer camps and women’s shelters. Girls’ sports would be forced to allow biological males to compete and women-only bathrooms and locker rooms must be open to the opposite sex based on gender identity. It would force a doctor that performs mastectomies on women because of cancer to also perform a mastectomy on a girl because she wants to identify as a boy. Bill opponents say PA should remain a place where religious freedom is celebrated, not suppressed, and also be a place where we value the safety and well-being of all, including women and girls.