HARRISBURG – Amtrak has begun an extensive track improvement project on the Harrisburg Line, which runs between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Keystone Service schedules will be impacted, and times listed on Amtrak.com have been updated to reflect the changes. Significant track outages will impact service from now through November 21, 2024. Keystone Service, between Lancaster and Harrisburg, will be replaced by buses from approximately 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Schedule adjustments Friday through Sunday, as well as early morning and evening weekday service, will vary. Please check Amtrak.com for the latest schedules. The project will include installation of new rail, concrete ties, and drainage improvements. The new concrete ties will increase the lifespan of the railroad to 60 years vs. 25 years of traditional wood ties. The improvements will benefit ride quality and comfort, increase service reliability, and complete necessary work to keep tracks in good repair.