HARRISBURG – The PA Game Commission says some may encounter young wildlife this time of year. While some young animals might appear to be abandoned, usually they are not. So when a person encounters young wildlife, be it deer, birds, raccoons or other animals, the best thing you can do is leave it alone. Wildlife Management Director Matthew Schnupp says well-intentioned people might step in to help a young animal that appears to be alone, not realizing its mother is nearby and it’s not in need of help. That’s why leaving young wildlife undisturbed in the wild typically is the best solution when encountering young wild animals. For those who find wildlife that truly is in need of assistance, a listing of wildlife rehabilitators can be found on the PA Association of Wildlife Rehabilitators website at pawr.com. If you are unable to identify a wildlife rehabilitator in your area, contact the Game Commission by phone at 1-833-PGC-WILD.