HARRISBURG – In an effort to protect wildlife habitat, the PA Game Commission plans to spray over 123,000 acres of state game lands this spring to control a non-native invasive insect: the spongy moth. Spraying is planned on 46 different state game lands and will begin as soon as leaf-out occurs and spongy moth egg masses hatch, likely in late April and May. Spongy moths had been known by the name gypsy moth, but the Entomological Society of America changed the name. More information on spongy moths and the Commission’s spraying program, including a map updating the status of spraying, is available at the website pgc.pa.gov. No spraying is planned the mornings of youth turkey season on Saturday, April 27 or the opening day of spring gobbler season on Saturday, May 4. Most of the blocks of forest to be sprayed can be treated within one day, often within only a few hours.