NEW CUMBERLAND – The Shapiro Administration released the results of Operation Safe Stop, an annual school bus enforcement and education initiative aimed at enhancing school bus safety for students across the Commonwealth. Held on October 18 this year, Operation Safe Stop is a one-day targeted enforcement and education event during which law enforcement agencies and participating school districts document occurrences of drivers violating Pennsylvania’s School Bust Stopping Law and emphasize the importance of school transportation safety. This year’s Operation Safe Stop data revealed that participating school districts and law enforcement agencies reported witnessing 176 violations of the law, down from the 252 reported last year. PennDOT Deputy Secretary for Driver and Vehicle Services Kara Templeton said, “While we’re certainly glad that violations decreased this year, one incident of passing a school bus is one too many. If we saw this many violations in just one day, it’s clear that safety for our students traveling to and from school needs to be a continued focus for our communities and that motorists remain vigilant while sharing the road with school buses and students.”