HARRISBURG – Some state lawmakers joined with Jewish leaders and advocates at the state Capitol in Harrisburg to highlight the importance of Holocaust education and to show support for the nation of Israel after an attack by Hamas last October. Sen. Doug Mastriano of Adams & Franklin Counties says students and all people need to remember what happened and not turn away. Rep. Stephanie Borowicz of Clinton & Union Counties says people need to remember that horrible period in our history and stand against it. Mastriano has proposed legislation to ensure that all schools in PA offer age-appropriate education on the Holocaust. A 2017 study by the State Board of Education showed that 90% of public and private schools in PA are providing education on the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights violations. Senate Bill 1100 will codify what 90% of schools are already doing and improve to 100% compliance across the state. The measure will also enhance curriculum transparency standards for holocaust education that is being offered in each school.