HARRISBURG – Area state lawmakers reacted to the proposed budget. PA House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler said, “If Pennsylvanians want to buy into this budget proposal, they will be buying into higher taxes, stagnant ideas, and good intentions balanced with irresponsible decisions. Contrary to what you may be led to believe, thanks to years of fiscally responsible leadership by Republicans, we remain on sound financial footing. Our problems can be managed by new thinking. They do not need to be managed by the new and future tax increases and the fiscal irresponsibility that will result from this budget proposal.”

PA Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman, Lancaster County Sen. Scott Martin said, “Lawmakers have worked extremely hard to right PA’s financial ship and put our state in better shape to manage the challenges that lie ahead. Unfortunately, Gov. Shapiro’s budget would take our Commonwealth in the opposite direction and put us on a path toward higher taxes and service cuts just a few short years down the road. We cannot reverse years of progress with a single-year spending spree that sacrifices our future. We need a responsible budget that helps grow jobs here and encourages families to put down roots here so we can reverse the negative economic and demographic trends that threaten our future stability.”

The PA Senate and House will now prepare to hold hearings on the proposed budget.