HARRISBURG – Several bills are being introduced by PA House Republicans to combat swatting – an act where a person places a hoax 911 call alleging a serious threat. Not knowing swatting calls are hoaxes, authorities must take them seriously and often respond with a large police presence, including crisis response teams or SWAT teams, hence the term swatting. Reps. Ryan Mackenzie, Craig Williams, Dawn Keefer, and Jim Rigby will introduce legislation to assure those engaging in false reports are held accountable. Mackenzie’s bill would criminalize swatting and make it a felony offense if any person suffers bodily injury in the course of responding to a call. Williams’ legislation would give a victim of swatting an avenue to hold the person who committed the act accountable for any damages stemming from the false report. Keefer will introduce a bill to allow courts to order a person who engaged in swatting to pay the costs associated with the state or municipality responding to a swatting call. Rigby’s legislation would grant civil immunity to officers who respond to a swatting call. A co-sponsorship memo is being circulated seeking support of the measures.