HARRISBURG – In response to growing concerns over decisions and policies by the PA Interscholastic Athletic Association, Beaver County Rep. Rob Matzie plans to introduce legislation to make lawmakers on the PA Athletic Oversight Committee and the state Education Secretary permanent voting members of the PIAA executive board. Matzie, who is vice chairman of the oversight committee, said the move is justified because of PIAA’s status as a public agency and is necessary given the association’s lack of adequate response to questions and concerns raised by the oversight committee. This is the third measure that Matzie has drafted to reform PIAA policies and practices. In late January, he introduced legislation to resolve problems with the way PA’s 1,400 public, private, and charter schools are classified to compete in athletic competitions. Earlier in January, Matzie announced legislation to analyze the policy, practices, finances, and structure of the PIAA with an eye toward overhauling how the association operates and makes decisions.