HARRISBURG – Cumberland County Rep. Barb Gleim plans to introduce legislation prohibiting students from possessing or using personal mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets, during the school day in public schools. In her co-sponsorship memo, she says such devices provide constant access to social media, texting, games, and other distracting apps and websites. Studies show that the presence of a mobile device is associated with reduced attention and cognitive capacity which hurts academic performance. Her proposal would require students, upon entering school, to deposit the personal mobile device in a school-provided lock box, or a case or pouch with a locking device. The student may retrieve the mobile device during lunch periods and at the end of the school day. The measure does not include school-issued electronic devices, and provides exceptions for students who are members of a volunteer fire company, ambulance or rescue squad; have a medical condition or have an immediate family member with a medical condition; have a disability; are English learners and use the device for translation purposes; or are at a scheduled lunch period. It also requires public schools to have a written policy that includes a process for students and parents to contact each other during the school day if necessary.