HARRISBURG – York County Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill is seeking support for her proposal aimed at aligning teacher certification levels more closely with the current organization of schools. The reform comes a month after the Basic Education Funding Commission concluded its work on how to improve outcomes in public schools across the Commonwealth. She said the changes reflect a lot of concerns raised during eight months of public hearings with the 2023-24 Basic Education Funding Commission. The proposed revised certification levels in the forthcoming legislation would be as follows. Early Childhood would include Pre-K, kindergarten, grades 1 through 4 or ages 3 through 9. Elementary would include Kindergarten, grades 1 through 6 or ages 4 through 11. Middle would be Grades 6 through 9 or ages 11 through 15 and Secondary being Grades 7 through 12 or ages 11 through 21. The lawmaker is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for her proposal.