HARRISBURG – Attorney General Michelle Henry announced that Pennsylvania received its annual payment — totaling $352,053,249.27 — from the tobacco manufacturers who signed the 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) with Attorneys General. Since 1999, Pennsylvania has received annual MSA payments — which now total $9.34 billion. MSA payments are made in mid-April, based on the amount of cigarettes sold in the previous year, and will continue in perpetuity for as long as cigarettes continue to be sold. MSA payments are directed by the General Assembly to be used by the Commonwealth for various health-related purposes, including cessation and prevention services and Medicaid costs. Attorney General Henry said, “The funding from this settlement agreement has enabled the education of Pennsylvanians on the many dangers and health risks associated with cigarettes and other tobacco products. The funding also assists my office’s initiatives to keep harmful tobacco products away from young people, as well as treatment services for Pennsylvanians who have been impacted by tobacco products.”