HARRISBURG – A group of PA House Republicans is introducing a package of bills to address energy affordability and combat the assault on Pennsylvanians’ wallets when it comes to paying for energy. One bill is modeled after a 529 Plan or a Health Savings Account to permit energy bills to be paid with pre-tax dollars. Another proposes the creation of an Independent Energy Advocate within the Department of Environmental Protection to weigh in on any DEP action impacting PA’s energy portfolio. Another would create a new independent agency which would oversee approving any regulation or action of a state agency that would impact PA’s energy portfolio, while another would require the government to show how regulations impact affordability for communities at risk for energy poverty. Another seeks to direct the entrance of PA into a power-exporting state consortium within the PJM Interconnection, a regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in parts of PA and 12 other states. Lawmakers are seeking support for their proposals.