WASHINGTON, DC – Some PA lawmakers reacted to President Biden’s State of the Union address. Area Congressman Lloyd Smucker said the state of America that the President speaks is different from the concerns he hears from his constituents. Smucker said the President’s policies have caused the border crisis which is the #1 concern of his constituents. The congressman said he’s concerned over the cost of everyday expenses which cost families roughly about $1,000 more a month than three years ago and the President is not serious about the national debt.

PA U.S. Sen. Bob Casey remarked that despite strong economic data, more work needs to be done to keep bringing down costs for working families in Pennsylvania and across the nation. Casey added we need to support our allies in Ukraine and Israel as they take on threats from Putin and Hamas. The Democrat added we need to secure our border and stop the flow of fentanyl that is ravaging cities and rural areas alike.

Area Congressman Scott Perry said President Biden gave American citizens nothing to be proud of. The State of the Union under Joe Biden is one of debt, disrepair, danger, division, and ultimately, weakness. Perry added that Joe Biden is right, there’s nothing beyond the capacity of the American People, if the government gets out of our way.