HARRISBURG – A letter from Luzerne County Rep. Mike Cabell and co-signed by more than 40 other Republican PA House members was sent to Gov. Josh Shapiro and Attorney General Michelle Henry, urging them to take all available steps to support Operation Lone Star – Texas’ ongoing efforts to secure the southern border from illegal immigration. The letters say in part: “Since 2021, the number of migrants who have unlawfully crossed our southern border is greater than the individual populations of 38 states. In December of 2023 alone, that number was more than 300,000 people – itself enough to be the second-largest city in PA. Predictably, the surge in unlawful migration has, in fact, played a significant role in several developing crises throughout the United States and this Commonwealth, including the rise in both drug addiction and violent crime.” The letters noted why supporting Texas is important to our state. “Pennsylvania’s participation in Texas’ initiative will not only aid in managing the border crisis, but also strengthen our state’s reputation as a proactive contributor to addressing major national concerns and enhancing the safety and well-being of our own communities.” The letters urge sending personnel and resources to combat the historic rise in illegal immigration in Texas.