HARRISBURG – PA House Republicans are calling out Gov. Josh Shapiro’s latest energy plan as another tax on families and businesses. House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler argued Shapiro’s energy plan will increase energy costs while doing too little to spur on the state’s energy economy. House Republican Whip Tim O’Neal of Washington County said Shapiro’s energy plan laid out by Shapiro is a continuation of his left-wing environmental agenda that is not rooted in PA’s best interests.  “Simply put, the governor is proposing a tax on your utility bills,” O’Neal stated. “This is just another example of the failed tax and spend policies directly contributing to rising costs and out-of-control inflation. Once again, it seems like the governor is more interested in appealing to voters in California than making life better for the people of PA.” House Republican Policy Committee Chairman Josh Kail of Beaver & Washington Counties said the governor’s energy plan is anything but common sense. It will hurt jobs, wallets, and the environment. Every Pennsylvanian is facing costly utility bills. Unlike our governor, the House Republicans are committed to helping our constituents balance their budgets and thermostats.