HARRISBURG – Four bills called the “Ag Freedom Package” have been introduced by state Senators Greg Rothman of Cumberland, Dauphin, & Perry Counties and Elder Vogel of Beaver County. Senate Bill 1086 provides common-sense procedural relief for farmers registered in crop deprivation programs, allowing them to transport animals to processors, thereby saving time, reducing waste, and maximizing donations to charitable feeding programs. Senate Bill 1087 would stiffen penalties for trespassing on private property. Senate Bill 1088 would establish an optional, non-public “Ag Access List” for those seeking more hunting opportunities. The list would be shared only with farmers requesting crop damage assistance from hunters. Senate Bill 1089 would add a tenth seat to the Game Commission Board from the agriculture community. Most deer in PA are harvested on private lands, many of which are farms. The package has been referred to the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee.