CUMBERLAND COUNTY – Police in Cumberland County searching for a nurse who stole and used a debit card from a deceased patient. On February 29th, 2024, Lower Allen Township Police received a call from a man who was the administrator of the estate for his recently deceased sister. His sister was admitted to UPMC West on January 22nd and passed away there on January 25, 2024. In reviewing her finances, he noticed multiple debit card transactions from her bank account from January 23rd to a January 25th, 2024. This is the time that his sister would have been in the hospital, and she had not given permission for anybody to use her debit cards. Over $1,200 in fraudulent purchases were made at different locations. Video surveillance was obtained showing a woman using the card and that she drove a black Nissan Altima to commit her crimes. The license plate was obtained and the vehicle was owned by Mojgan Amiri-Parian, who was confirmed as the same female in the video. It was also discovered that she is employed as a nurse at UPMC West, and her role involves taking care of patients that are moved from the emergency room and waiting for a room in the ICU. This is the same process that the victim’s deceased sister went through. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.