HARRISBURG – PA Attorney General Michelle Henry announced the launch of her office’s first-ever Human Trafficking Section to bolster statewide efforts to effectively investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases and facilitate assistance for victims. The announcement comes during Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The Human Trafficking Section will take a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle human trafficking, which impacts nearly every community in the state. The section will work closely with local, state, and federal agencies to investigate and prosecute human trafficking crimes. Victims are often moved across jurisdictional lines, making collaboration among agencies critical in investigating and holding offenders accountable. Additionally, it will continue education and outreach efforts on the topic, and participate in conferences, symposiums, and presentations of case studies. It will also work internally and externally to train individuals to recognize signs of sex trafficking as they occur, and implement the best practices to address a trafficking situation once it has been identified. If you are a victim of human trafficking and need help or suspect that someone else is a victim, contact the PA State Police Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-292-1919.