HARRISBURG – PA House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler says a new Franklin & Marshall College poll showing 73% of Pennsylvanians support a requirement that voters show photo ID every time they vote underscores the importance of the discharge resolution petition started by House Republicans last week to get a voter ID constitutional amendment out of committee and before the state House for a vote. Cutler remarked that with such broad bipartisan support for the idea among Pennsylvanians, it is grossly out of touch for the one-seat Democrat majority to bottle up the voter ID constitutional amendment in committee. Since the discharge resolution petition was started, Cutler noted 78 House Republicans and one House Democrat have signed onto the petition to get it out of committee. If the amendment gets approved by the General Assembly by early July, it would be in a position to be considered on the ballot during the November general election. Cutler called on House Democrat leaders to recognize the support the proposal has and schedule it for a vote in committee when they return to session this week.