EAST PETERSBURG – Lancaster County authorities released more information regarding a domestic incident that resulted in a fatal fire in the 6200 block of High Street in East Petersburg. Officers responded Sunday around 8:30 p.m. after receiving a call that 53-year-old Mark Hackman was inside the home, had been drinking, was armed with a firearm, and threatening to set fire to the house. Upon arrival, police saw his wife, Deborah, running from the home after her husband set a fire inside. Mark Hackman was reported to be intoxicated, armed, and emotionally unstable. Police contacted him via his cell phone and tried to convince him to leave the home, surrender to police, and allow the firefighters to address the blaze. Hackman repeatedly refused. Police continued to negotiate and began to evacuate surrounding homes. Hackman soon discontinued all contact with police as the fire continued to grow. As the fire quickly began to engulf the home, action had to be taken. Police and members of SERT provided security for the fire department as they addressed the blaze. The fire was successfully extinguished. The remains of an adult male, suspected to be Hackman, were located. Two loaded firearms were found in his immediate vicinity. The cause of death remains under investigation. Deborah Hackman, other family members, and their family dog were all accounted for and safe.