LANCASTER – The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office is investigating an incident from this morning that involved three officers firing their weapons at an armed man. The man is currently in stable condition at an area hospital. The incident began today at approximately 4:40 a.m. in the 100 block of Hershey Avenue, Lancaster. Lancaster City Police were dispatched to a domestic incident with reports of shots being fired. The caller also noted that the man had gone outside with an “AR.” Preliminary information gathered thus far shows that the man was shot outside the home armed with a semiautomatic rifle. The man fired the rifle when initial officers arrived and then pointed it at the officers while being given multiple commands to drop the weapon, of which the subject refused to comply. Body-worn camera footage of one of the officers captures the man walking to the front yard of the residence and raising the weapon to a shooting position. This officer also gave multiple commands for the man to drop the weapon. The man again failed to comply and again moved and started to raise the rifle pointing in the direction of the officer. At that time, shots were fired by three officers. Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams will review the incident and determine, at a later date, on the police use of force. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office at 717-299-8100 and ask to speak with a detective.