HARRISBURG – PA House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler plans to introduce legislation to expand access to donated prescription drugs. Currently, PA’s Cancer Drug Repository Program only allows health care facilities and physicians’ offices to donate unused cancer medicine to pharmacies participating in the program, which is overseen by the State Board of Pharmacy. Only two pharmacies are enrolled to receive donated prescription drugs as part of the program. The measure would expand the current program to allow both health care facilities and individuals to donate prescription drugs (other than cancer drugs) to the program. Cutler said each year, billions of dollars of prescription medications are wasted. This would open the doors to increased donations of life-saving, but often costly, medications that can help struggling families get the care they need. As of 2023, 44 other states have successfully implemented prescription drug donation programs. Cutler is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for the measure.