LANCASTER – The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office determined a March 13th shooting that occurred around 4:22 p.m. on Fruitville Pike near Delp Road was justified. Robin Megill was struck by a single round fired from a handgun, faced non-life-threatening injuries, and is expected to make a full recovery. A review of the evidence indicated Megill was riding a bicycle on Fruitville Pike in the lane of travel with multiple vehicles backed up behind him. The driver directly behind Megill beeped their horn. Megill stopped in the middle of the road with no traffic in front of him, which halted the line of traffic attempting to travel on Fruitville Pike. Eventually Megill moved to the right side of the road. Multiple vehicles passed him and then stopped at a red light at Delp Road. Megill chased the lead vehicle, visibly pedaling uphill to catch the vehicle that beeped at him. Megill forcefully flung the front passenger door of the vehicle open and moved toward the interior of the vehicle immediately prior to being struck by a single bullet. The driver pulled over on Delp Road, called 911, and waited for police to arrive. The DA’s office concluded that the vehicle driver was legally justified using deadly force against Megill. The driver was legally in possession of the firearm and had a license to carry it. No charges will be filed against the vehicle driver. Megill was charged with a count of disorderly conduct.