WASHINGTON (AP) — The Environmental Protection Agency warns that cyberattacks against water utilities around the U.S. are becoming more frequent and more severe. The agency on Monday issued an alert urging water systems to take immediate actions to protect the nation’s drinking water. The EPA said about 70% of utilities inspected by federal officials over the past year violated standards meant to protect against cyberattacks. They cited basic errors such as failing to change default passwords or cut off system access to former employees. The EPA says nations including Russia, China and Iran are actively seeking the ability to disable critical U.S. infrastructure. Many water systems have modest staffing and resources to harden themselves against attacks. Late last year, an Iranian-linked group called “Cyber Av3ngers” targeted multiple organizations including a small Pennsylvania town’s water provider, forcing it to switch from a remote pump to manual operations. They were going after an Israeli-made device used by the utility in the wake of Israel’s war against Hamas.