NORTH MIDDLETON, PA – The North Middleton Police Department as well as Police Departments across the country have been inundated with calls in reference to scams. There are several which have been prominent in the recent past. Scammers are sending an email to victim’s advising their computers have been compromised and need to click on a link that appears on the computer screen. This is called “click bait”. By clicking on the link, the scammer has access to your computer and personal information. A similar scam being used occurs with an email being sent to a victim advising their bank account has been compromised and provides a phone number to call. The victim calls the number and the scammer provides information about the account, and that fixing the account requires the victim to go to their banks and withdraw large sums of money, which are then to be deposited in a scammers account or a bit coin ATM. Residents are reminded no legitimate business will call or email requesting a bill or service be paid for by purchasing gift cards and providing numbers from the card. Please call your local Police Department regarding any suspicious calls “prior” to following through with the suspected email or phone call. A large percent of these scams are originating in other countries which makes solvability difficult for law enforcement.