HARRISBURG – PA House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler responded to the formation of an Election Threats Task Force. He said the greatest threats to Pennsylvanians having confidence in our elections are a state Supreme Court that refuses to follow the plain language of PA’s election laws as enacted by the General Assembly; a PA Department of State that has a history of offering conflicting, confusing, and last minute election guidance that sows chaos, confusion, and discord into the election process; and a Democrat Party that refused to embrace the most universally supported election security measures that would increase confidence in the process by requiring the showing of ID. By turning our elections into a military and law enforcement exercise, Gov. Shapiro completely misses the point of election security and his administration’s role in conducting free, safe, and secure elections. Pennsylvanians do not need a show of arms to feel confident in our elections. They need our laws to be implemented as designed, properly interpreted, and uniformly enforced.