HARRISBURG – PA House Republican Leader, Lancaster County Rep. Bryan Cutler issued a statement on the decision by the Biden Administration to attempt to permanently removing William Penn’s statue from Welcome Park in Philadelphia as part of an effort to make the park more inclusive. Cutler called it “another sad example of the left in this country scraping the bottom of the barrel of wokeism to advance an extreme ideology and a nonsensical view of history. He said, “The Penn Treaty was historic. Not just in its occurrence, but in the mutual respect shown between Penn and Native tribes. In fact, it was Penn’s commitment to the Quaker principle of pacifism that led to a long and lasting peace between Native Americans and settlers in PA. Cutler added,“To remove Penn’s statue to create a more inclusive environment takes absurd and revisionist view of our state’s history and further seems to serve no purpose other than to check a box for an increasingly dangerous radicalism infiltrating today’s left wing political agenda.”