HARRISBURG – Lebanon County Rep. Russ Diamond has introduced a bill to provide relief for Pennsylvanians disciplined by the Wolf Administration during the COVID-19 pandemic for keeping their businesses open and trying to make a living. House Bill 1969 requires licensing boards and commissions under the Department of State to reinstate any license, registration, certificate, or permit that was suspended or revoked specifically for failure to comply with COVID-19 protocols set forth by the Governor and the Health Secretary. It also requires licensing boards and commissions to remove any disciplinary action taken by a licensing board on a licensee during COVID-19 for failure to comply with COVID-19 protocols, such as warning letters, fines, and other actions that may appear on a licensee’s disciplinary history. Diamond said Pennsylvanians were outraged by administrative overreach during the period that they saw fit to change our state constitution to reduce the governor’s emergency powers. In December, Diamond introduced the language as an amendment to House Bill 901, but it was defeated by House Democrats, which is why he’s offering it again as a stand alone bill.