HARRISBURG – The PA Superior Court affirmed the first-degree murder conviction of a Narvon man upholding Kristopher Smith’s life sentence and denying the claims Smith raised on appeal. Smith, now 48, was convicted of first-degree murder and related charges following a trial in August 2022 for the killing of Dennis Pitch. He was subsequently sentenced to life plus 16 ½ to 40 years in prison. Smith wanted a new trial, arguing in his appeal that the guilty verdict was against the weight of the evidence and insufficient as a matter of law. Smith contended the Commonwealth failed to present sufficient evidence that he branded the gun that killed Pitch or had the specific intent to kill Pitch contending he had, at most, the intent to rob the victim. The Superior Court concluded the evidence was sufficient to establish Smith as criminally liable for first-degree murder. Smith’s co-conspirators Michael Baker and Christopher Lyles were previously convicted of second-degree murder and related offenses.