HARRISBURG – PA Family Institute says Gov. Josh Shapiro’s call for legalizing marijuana for recreational use as part of his budget address is putting the addiction-for-profit marijuana industry above the health and well-being of families. PFI Director of Communications, Dan Bartkowiak says it goes against our law enforcement agencies, every major health organization, mental health services, and, most importantly, the well-being of Pennsylvanians. He added that communities do not want a pot shop in their neighborhoods and lawmakers should reject this proposal, which would increase teen marijuana use, increase traffic fatalities, and create further burdens on mental health. Shapiro’s proposal neglects any of the real costs associated with marijuana legalization. In Colorado, estimates show it costs $4.50 for every dollar brought in by marijuana tax revenue for health care, traffic, crime, and workplace safety costs. Bartkowiak added that Shapiro, in his call for education reform, stated “if we do this right, we will set our young people up for success. With a call to legalize marijuana for recreational use, you’re setting young people up for failure.”