LANCASTER COUNTY – A Lancaster man faces charges after a fatal Christmas Day 2023 crash. Police responded to Wabank Road, near Rabbit Hill Lane, in Lancaster Township. 27-year-old Karina Cruz-Camuy of Lancaster was a passenger in a Volkswagon Jetta and was killed in the crash. The Jetta driver, Steven Maldonado was taken to a hospital due to his injuries along with s juvenile passenger. A passenger in the vehicle that Maldonado had crashed into also suffered severe injuries. A blood test of Maldonado indicated the presence of marijuana and fentanyl in his system. An investigation found that Maldonado had been traveling westbound at a high rate of speed, passing a vehicle on the left, by driving into the oncoming lane and striking an eastbound vehicle head-on. The road is posted at 35 mph and investigators determined that Maldonado’s minimum speed was over 50 mph. Maldonado was arraigned and released on $100,000 bail.