WASHINGTON, DC – PA U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, who chairs the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, sent a letter to one of the nation’s largest assisted living referral services about its potentially deceptive business practices. Casey sent the letter to “A Place for Mom,” which he says is misleading older adults and their families by claiming that it is an unbiased and no-cost recommendation and referral service for people in search of assisted living facilities. In the letter, Casey references company materials and recent reporting showing that the company’s recommendations are not objective, not safe, and not truly free. While “A Place for Mom” markets itself as an unbiased and free referral service for anyone exploring assisted living options, the claims are undermined by the company’s own materials, as well as advice from former company employees. The company’s materials show that the listings families are shown are limited to facilities from which it receives a commission, leaving out more than half of available assisted living options nationwide. Recent reporting also shows that facilities that were top rated by the company have been cited for neglect or substandard care in the last two years. You can read Sen. Casey’s full letter by clicking on his photo below.