HARRISBURG – A bipartisan group of PA state senators has introduced legislation prohibiting the use of generative artificial intelligence or GenAI to fraudulently misrepresent an election candidate in PA. GenAI combines machine-learning algorithms with human-generated content to produce realistic images, videos, audio, and written content. Under Senate Bill 1217, the dissemination of a campaign advertisement containing an artificially generated impersonation of a candidate would be prohibited if done without consent and with the intent to unduly influence the outcome of the election. While the technology has the potential to make content creation more efficient, it also has the power to spread disinformation at an unprecedented rate through deceptively realistic content. The measure aims to deter AI-generated impersonations in political ads, ensuring voters receive accurate information. The Federal Election Commission is considering a proposal to limit false AI-generated political content, but regulatory action is uncertain. At least 14 states have adopted resolutions or enacted laws related to AI.