HARRISBURG – Republican Rep. Thomas Kutz of Cumberland County and Democrat Rep. Justin Fleming of Dauphin County will serve as chairmen of the new Bipartisan Future Caucus. The caucus is comprised of a bipartisan group of legislators aged 45 and younger who are looking to foster a generational shift toward collaboration and bipartisanship. Kutz says Pennsylvanians need future-focused legislators willing to reach across the aisle to have conversations about divisive issues. Fleming said the caucus hopes that, through collaboration and open dialogue, we can put aside the hyper-partisan rancor and imbue faith in government. The caucus’ priorities for the legislative session include tackling issues with higher education, barriers to affordable housing, the rising cost of childcare and more. Both lawmakers also stressed that the work of the caucus has already begun with meetings, and several bills having Republican and Democrat co-prime sponsors.