HARRISBURG – Allegheny County Rep. Rob Mercuri unveiled legislation aimed at returning taxpayer surplus money back to the rightful hands of taxpayers. Mercuri says the PA Treasury currently has a substantial $14 billion surplus. Rather than using the revenue for additional government spending, his proposal would return a portion of the surplus back to the taxpayers who earned it. The legislation would establish the 2024 Taxpayer Dividend Program to provide a one-time dividend to taxpayers who filed their 2023 Personal Income Tax returns in a timely manner. The program could return up to $1,000 per taxpayer. He says a one-time rebate would go a long way in helping families combat rising costs on essentials. The initiative can be achieved while protecting the statutory goal of keeping 6% of the General Fund revenues in the Rainy Day Fund and keeping fiscal responsibility at the forefront. Mercuri is circulating a co-sponsorship memo seeking support for the proposal.