HARRISBURG – Seeking to generate a new revenue source for PA, Luzerne County Rep. Mike Cabell plans to soon introduce legislation that would impose a state fee on international remittances made by illegal immigrants. Cabell said it’s estimated that $70 billion is extracted from the U.S. economy annually by undocumented workers who send their earnings back to their home countries. Specifically, Cabell’s proposal would impose a 10% fee on international remittances being sent abroad by an undocumented worker through a money transfer licensee or agent. The revenue would be used to support PA’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate program, which benefits seniors and people with disabilities. Cabell noted that the state of Oklahoma enacted a fee on international remittances generating more than $15 million in annual revenue. PA’s estimated undocumented population is far larger than Oklahoma’s, so a remittance fee would result in a greater revenue return for the Commonwealth. Cabell is currently seeking co-sponsors for his bill, which is companion legislation to a proposal to be introduced in the PA Senate by Sens. Doug Mastriano and Chris Gebhard.