BIRD IN HAND – A barn raising was scheduled for today and tomorrow at Lancaster County’s Bird in Hand Family Inn. The new structure will house the offices and rooms damaged in a December 2023 fire. Beechdale Builders will coordinate the barn raising on the grounds of the hotel, framing the building, setting up the trusses, and putting the roof on in the two-day event. Following the fire, the registration desk was temporarily relocated to another of the resort’s guest buildings. The new building at the front of the property will house the registration desk, sales office, and seven guest rooms, including the popular Schoolhouse Suite and a new Barn Suite. Bird in Hand’s President/CEO John Smucker said they’re excited about this phase of rebuilding, which demonstrates their commitment to their guests and the surrounding community. Barn raisings have long been a tradition in Lancaster County, where the Amish community pulls together to build or rebuild structures damaged by fire.