WRIGHTSVILLE – Area Congressman Lloyd Smucker led local county and state elected officials in a letter opposing the preliminary permit application submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for proposed construction of a hydroelectric pumped storage facility at Cuffs Run proposed by York Energy Storage, LLC. The letter says, “The landscape of the lower Susquehanna River gorge has been recognized by both the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the federal government as a landscape worthy of protection and investment. This project, if allowed to proceed, would destroy preserved farms, a regional scenic trail, the viewshed of a popular multimodal rail trail, and forested lands needed to help protect the ecological health of this landscape and an already impaired waterway.” Smucker added he was grateful for the support from both sides of the aisle and from both sides of the Susquehanna River in standing united in opposition to the project. You can read the complete letter by clicking on the photo below.