HARRISBURG – Lancaster County Rep. Dave Zimmerman is speaking out against Lancaster officially becoming a designated “Welcoming City.” He said, “Instances of illegal immigrants committing crimes continue to make headlines, along with a flagging economy that is putting a huge strain on American families. Yet, Lancaster City is celebrating its decision to become an official “Welcoming City” – thereby inviting illegal immigrants to relocate to the county.” He added, “This decision – at its core – is putting the interests of foreign, illegal immigrants over the interests of long-time citizens. We are a welcoming nation to legal immigrants who follow the law, but we cannot welcome illegal immigrants whose first act in our country is to defy the law. Education, housing, health care, and other government services are just a few ways in which illegal immigrants are putting huge pressure on an already strained economy.” Although Zimmerman does not represent Lancaster City, he says we would be fools to think these problems will only exist within city borders. The strain on resources and other problems will prevail across the entire county.