YORK – The York County Chiefs of Police and local clergy, including the Black Ministers Association, have produced a joint statement that they stand together for justice. Their statement says they offer their deepest sympathies, condolences, and prayers to the family and friends of George Floyd and stand united in their outrage and condemnation of the reprehensible use of deadly force by police officers in Minneapolis that led to the senseless and tragic death of Mr. Floyd. There can be no allowance in law enforcement for officers who commit such heinous acts or for officers who fail to intervene and stop the commission of these acts. We hold faith that the criminal actions of the officers will be charged appropriately as a result of a thorough investigation. The York County Association of Chiefs of Police continues to uphold their commitment that law enforcement officers treat all individuals, whether they are a complainant, suspect, or defendant, with the full dignity and respect they deserve as human beings and hold law enforcement officers to the highest standards of accountability when they fail to abide by those standards. You can read their complete statement by CLICKING HERE.