LANCASTER – A York County man will face first-degree murder and other charges in Lancaster County Court following a preliminary hearing. 24-year-old Bryan Hollister of Windsor was held on charges that he shot and killed 25-year-old Aiden Kimmett on the night of Nov. 27 at a Providence Township, Lancaster County, residence. Prosecutors presented testimony from a witness that lived in the residence and had relationships with both Hollister and Kimmett. The witness testified that Hollister was at the residence watching their child while the witness attended a work Christmas party. Upon arriving home, she spoke on the phone with Kimmett and eventually hung up. The witness was unsure if Kimmett was coming to the residence, but told Hollister he should leave. Kimmett entered the home and went to the same room as Hollister, according to testimony. The witness testified she saw Hollister step back, pull his gun, and fire it, striking Kimmett. The witness said Hollister then paused before shooting Kimmett again. Hollister remains in Lancaster County Prison and was denied bail.