HARRISBURG – PA House Speaker, Rep. Bryan Cutler of Lancaster County and Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman of Centre County have called on Gov. Tom Wolf to audit the pending results of the 2020 election. In response, the York County House Republican Delegation consisting of Reps. Stan Saylor, Kate Klunk, Seth Grove, Dawn Keefer, and Keith Gillespie issued a statement saying they “agree with and applaud Speaker Cutler and Leader Corman for their call for oversight of our election process. No matter the outcome, we must ensure the integrity of the election. We must ensure that every legal vote is counted and recorded correctly.” They added that “numerous questions have been raised about the process, which was muddied by the state Supreme Court’s interference in how the election was to be conducted and conflicting guidance from the Department of State. They said “since before the election, our offices have been inundated with calls from constituents with valid concerns about the election process. Free and fair elections are a staple of this country and our Commonwealth. We must not and cannot allow for any deviation from that. We must guarantee the results, and the process to reach the election results, are valid. This would be done through proper oversight via an audit of all election results.”