HARRISBURG – York County Rep. Joe D’Orsie has been appointed a deputy chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee which holds hearings and round-table discussions about important statewide and regional issues. It also gathers testimony and information from key stakeholders to develop policies to address issues facing Pennsylvanians. D’Orsie has been involved with the Committee since taking office in January. Earlier this year, he hosted the committee for a hearing at Christian School of York about educational opportunities for school-age students. As a deputy chairman, he will focus on issues and reform within higher education. Particularly, he’s been working to ensure free speech is not quelled on college campuses. Some schools across the country have instituted “bias response teams,” which are speech-checking mechanisms that enable the anonymous reporting of protected free speech. The teams threaten to quash dissenting views. To combat an attack on free speech, D’Orsie introduced House Bill 179 to prohibit PA’s public institutions of higher education from utilizing bias response teams. The bill is currently before the PA House Education Committee awaiting consideration.