HARRISBURG – Three PA House committee chairmen – Adams County Rep. Dan Moul, York County Rep. Seth Grove, and Lackawanna County Rep. Karen Boback – showed up for a tour of the state Farm Show Complex to examine personal protective equipment (PPE) stored there, but were denied access because they refused to comply with unreasonable pre-conditions set by the Wolf Administration. The lawmakers came with IDs and masks and were prepared to comply with reasonable requests for safety and security, but were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement that would have prohibited them from doing their jobs. Rep. Moul said by shutting them out, they are denying PA taxpayers, who own the building, the ability to see what’s going on here. Referring to the governor, Moul added that no man should have the power to shut out the taxpayers of the Commonwealth. He said what occurred is a perfect example of why the Legislature has put on the May 18 ballot, questions to limit the governor’s emergency declarations to no more than 21 days without legislative approval.