LANCASTER – Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight features a panel discussion held at the Family Research Council’s Pray Vote Stand Summit in Washington, DC. FRC President Tony Perkins moderates “When The Gender Battle Comes Home” which examines the attack on children to coerce them to change their biological sex. One panel member is Amy Atterbury, the mother of a daughter who identified as a boy at age 14 and went through surgical procedures for the change. Also on the panel is Brandon Showalter of the Christian Post, who has done numerous reports on the push for gender change, Missouri State Attorney General Andrew Bailey, and Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, the Director of FRC’s Center for Family Studies. Saturday afternoon’s Spotlight airs at 12:30 on WDAC and 2:30 on WBYN 107.5. You can listen to the program online right now at under “podcasts.”