BALTIMORE, MD – Metro Maryland Youth for Christ, in response to the hopelessness felt by many of today’s youth, has launched its inaugural We Believe In You(th) Campaign now through November 18th. The week-long campaign is designed to provide hope to young people in the region by telling them: We Believe In You! We Need You! We Believe In Your Future! and We Value What You Have To Offer!. The campaign goal is also to raise support to continue the work of Metro Maryland Youth for Christ to help local young people. For more than 75 years, Youth for Christ has reached out to young people who often feel overlooked to build relationships at pivotal moments by partnering with the local church and like-minded organizations. The campaign is mobilizing parents, guardians, grandparents, teachers, church members, community leaders, and more to post a video on social media declaring why they believe in the youth in their homes, church, school, and community. Also to call or write a note to a young person and place a We Believe In You(th) sign in their yard, school or business. You can find out more about the campaign by calling Metro Maryland Youth for Christ at 410-529-4434 or you can click on the banner below.